Division of Maintenance | Facility Management

  • The Facility Management is that science which controls all the activities which are not the company “core business”:

    • telecommunications
    • general services
    • maintenance
    • care of the green and environment
    • safety
    • cleaning
  • Today Facility Management includes mainly all that pertains to the management of buildings and their installations, such as for example:

    • air conditioning/heating
    • electrical systems
    • hydraulic systems
    • lighting systems
    • cleaning services
    • gardening services

The Facility Management is often confused with “outsourcing”, also called “externalisation”, this last can also, but not necessarily, be adopted for such kind of management.

Therefore, the Facility Management integrates the principles of economic and financial management of the company, of the architecture and of the behavioural and engineering sciences. It’s an integrated approach which supposes the development and implementation of politics, standard and processes which support the primary activities, thus making the organization able to adapt to the changes and to improve its efficacy.

  • Integrated services for real estate

  • Integrated services for land management

TECNOEUROBRAS is able to do all the “no core” activities of enterprises, company buildings, industries, commerce, real estate, public authorities (universities, schools), by offering machineries, cleaning, administrative management, and everything is functional to improve the lives of the real estate of the client and of those who live and work in it.

Facility Management

The Facility Management consists in offering services of logistic and organizational support for the user of the building, aimed at optimizing the management of the activities carried out in the building itself.

Special Services

The area of Special Services includes a series of activities highly specified which can, from time to time, integrate the Facility Management allowing the Group to complete its offer and answering the increasing demand of specialized services.

Technical Services and Maintenance

They include a series of services of management, leading and maintenance of machineries for buildings (heating, electric, hydraulic etc.), such as:

  • management, leading, maintenance of the machineries
  • planning and execution of activities of requalification and adaptation to law
  • planning and installation of tools for energetic saving and reduction of the emission of polluting agents in the atmosphere

Park Maintenance

Group of the services of planning, making and maintenance and green areas: from the green of sanitary structures or business districts until the entire green asset of a town or of a Council..

Auxiliary Services

Auxiliary Services

Activities in support of the client, like mail-room services, reception, control of entrances, space management and space planning, move in – move out.