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TECNOEUROBRAS LTDA is a young, dynamic and flexible company.

TECNOEUROBRAS LTDA is specialized in the construction of technological systems, mechanical and electrical, supply and installation of simple and complex metal structures, industrial assembly, maintenance, extraordinary and programmed (Facility Management), restructuring of shops, offices, apartments and houses in Brazil.

People are the main actors of the company, for a team working, all the officials and partners have a constant presence in the company and in the building site, this guarantees a personal approach to the client, guaranteeing reliability and dialogue.

From the first to the last, all the officials and collaborators represent an irreplaceable patrimony that consolidates the work team, guaranteeing continuity, specialization and professionalism.

Chi Siamo 2As guarantee of high specialization and professional quality, in TECNOEUROBRAS LTDA there are civil, mechanic and electric engineers, it’s an important human investment to which an enterprise is committed since ever.

TECNOEUROBRAS LTDA also proposes itself as General Contractor, implementing a direct management coordinating external specialized teams.

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    • Know How

      TECNOEUROBRAS LTDA has a complete technologic know how, highly specialized and extremely diversified that guarantees the decision-making capacity in the activities and where the know how is a fundamental requirement.

    • Competence

      The TECNOEUROBRAS LTDA can achieve industrial installations, air-conditioning and heating, and electrical energy, supply and installation of metal structures simple and complex, industrial assembly, maintenance, extraordinary and planned (Facility Management), renovations of shops, offices, apartments and houses.

    • Sectors

      The sectors of presence range from large retailers to industry through the hospital and service sectors.

    • Technology

      Pre-manufactured and pre-assemble, with its sophisticated technology, ensuring assistance, management, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of each type of system, with a division that deals especially with all aspects related to the operation of facilities, from installation to test, in addition to ensuring the management with the maintenance service (Facility Management).